Telecommunication and Information Technology Specialist


Born in Lebanon, I migrated to Switzerland in 1990 to study Electronic Engineering in Lausanne. During my last year of studies, I was contacted By Ericsson in Sweden to accomplish the development of a new system linking Telecommunication to IT (CTI) . Following the initial period and the success of the project, I was requested to join Global R&D team within Ericsson. Four years later, I was heading the Technical Implementation and Support team for Switzerland. After a successful migration of Y2K without any single failure of our systems, I started the introduction of innovation solutions in different markets, known today as Business Support Systems. During this phase I was called to find innovative solutions that would address market needs in the early years of the Mobile Internet, including Business model innovations and Technical Solutions for innovative marketing ideas, worth to mention some of my global assignments: Introduction of (Value Added Services) and training VAS Providers, design and implementation of Value Based Charging for Data connections. Market Study and design of Dynamic Discounting Systems for mobile Networks. In 2006 I was requested to relocate to the middle east in order to recover the market situation for telecommunication through innovative Solutions and the introduction of 3G Services followed by 6 years in West Africa to address local market challenges, working with Governments and Mobile Operators for the introduction of e-Government Solutions,  Mobile Financial Systems ( Mobile Money Transfers etc… ) with a responsibility of triple digits Millions USD business . In 2014, I decided to return back to Switzerland and was requested to join Huawei Technologies AG, were I am holding the role of Senior Account Manager and responsible for the introduction of new Technologies, among these, introduction of SAP HANA for Big Data Analysis, Electronic Invoicing and Clearance for the Health sector in Switzerland ( eHealth) lately introduced and launched Internet Connectivity for 10Gb Symmetrical connection. In my last projects, I am actively studying the impact of Blockchain in the industry and the use of Blockchain with 5G Technology.

Center of Interest

Apart of my interest in new technologies and innovation, I am actively looking to provide all my technical, commercial, negotiation and  Management knowledge into project that could support the improvement of the Lebanese government in fighting corruption, Power Solutions, Telecommunication namely eGovernment, Smart Cities, Smart Grid and High Bandwidth Internet

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